5 Tips on How to Pick Color for Illustration and Design

5 Tips on How to choose color for your illustration or design project.


Picking color for illustration and design can be a tricky task but is a powerful tool that should be studied, color can create interest, hierarchy, and harmony. In this blog I wanted to share a few tips I’ve learned when it comes to choosing colors for an illustration or design.

  1. Start in greyscale. You can nail down the tone in black and white and then pick your color using your HSB slider in adobe photoshop or adobe illustrator.



2. Take inspiration from real life. The natural world around you is a great place to get inspiration. Take photos, or download the Pantone app on your IOS and capture colour that way.

3. Use a minimal pallette. Don’t try and do too much if your just learning about color.

4. Try different combos. Sometimes it helps to create a few different colour combos to practise your colours for that image and too have options.


5. Look at other designs and illustrations. Studying other artist’s and designer’s work is a great way to learn about color. Or use the eyedropper tool and take color that way!

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